Top 7 BuzzSumo Alternatives to Find Viral Contents.

How to Find Most Shared (Viral ) Contents ?

In this post you will learn about some best BuzzSumo alternatives to find viral contents.There are two ways of writing content for your blog. The first approach is a long route where you write articles based on keywords that have low competition and high search volume and hope to get organic traffic with time. The second approach is a shortcut to success where you write articles based on trending topics that are viral on social media. Buzzsumo is the platform where you can find the most shared content (viral content) on the social media sites in any niche. Not only that, you can find the Trending Now topics that people are searching for on search engines. If you want to maximize the chances of your articles to become viral, you have to understand what is Buzzsumo and how effectively can you use it for content curation and finding influencers for extreme outreach. You should also explore the popular Buzzsumo alternatives in 2018 for in-depth research and curation.


What Is Buzzsumo And What Are Its Features?

Buzzsumo is a platform where you can find the most shared content on social media sites by searching with a topic, keyword or even website name. In other words, when you want to write an article on a particular topic in your niche, you can search for articles that have already gone viral on the same topic. Then you can go through the articles and come up with a creative title to write your own article, and it will have the maximum chances of becoming viral by getting more shares on social media channels than usual articles.

BuzzSumo Alternatives to Find Viral Content

Similarly, you can do your keyword research as usual, and once you fix a primary keyword, you can search for the most shared content on the same and get ideas to write an article that has the potential of becoming viral. Furthermore, if you are just rewriting the articles of the leading sites in your niche, you can look them up by the domain name and write only those articles that have most shares.



Trending Now – When you have no idea what to write on, you can simply go to Trending Now section and write creative articles on trending topics and get unlimited organic traffic and shares.

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Content Outreach – Writing on trending topics and most shared content can make some articles popular but it might not help in getting organic traffic to the remaining articles. For that, you have to get backlinks and influencers from your niche. Buzzsumo helps you to spot potential websites from where you can get high-quality backlinks and social media influencers who can take make your website popular overnight.


Monitoring – As you grow, you must be aware of what your competitors and leaders in your niche are doing. You can get real time alerts when your competitors publish an article, compare your progress with your competitors, analyze their content and understand who all are linking to your website.

To sum up, what is Buzzsumo, it is a platform where you can find viral article writing ideas, influencers to promote your articles and tools to analyze your competitors and score over them. There are also some great BuzzSumo Alternatives that you can use to find most shared content on social media.


Top Buzzsumo Alternatives In 2018

Every platform has its benefits and drawbacks. Buzzsumo lets you do the first five searches for free, and then you have to upgrade to Pro version which many users are unwilling to do due to high cost and searches for Buzzsumo alternatives.

1. EpicBeat

Viral Traffic

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According to Contentmart, it is the perfect alternatives to Buzzsumo as it has almost all the functionalities of that Buzzsumo provides and there are some exclusive features as well. You can curate content based on various filters and insights, watch out social media buzz and your competitors, and find quality influencers. The exclusive feature is that you can find the engagement of articles based on comments and other forms of interactions.


2. Social Animal

This is one of the most amazing Buzzsumo alternatives in 2018 as it provides the features of content research, content insights, influencer research, creative content discovery and a daily digest report. You can compare the trending and related articles, analyze and optimize titles and content, check out content performance, find authors, and influencers based on their past performance. You can spot the secondary keywords used in trending articles and create creative articles based on them to become viral before anybody else. You will also get email alerts of daily digests to be on the same page as the rest of the world.


3. ContentStudio

 BuzzSumo Alternatives

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ContentStudio is alos one of best BuzzSumo alternative. It helps you to discover trending articles, and you can filter through them to sort list a few based on several parameters available. You can search countrywise and schedule your content to be published on several social media platforms at once. There are several tools that will suggest you to use certain hashtags, images and doing post recycling to increase engagement. You can get all the analytics of your articles published in the dashboard. It is basically a complete tool to discover content, analyze and curate, plan your articles, get it optimized, share on social media, increase engagement, check out analytics, and make your website popular.


4. Ahrefs

Top BuzzSumo Alternatives


This is another complete tool you can use instead of Buzzsumo. You can do content research and discovery, find backlinks based on keywords, plan your keywords for your article, analyze domains, do web and social monitoring. Furthermore, you can find the keywords for which your competitors and leaders in your niche are getting good ranks. You can compare your site with your competitors and steal their SEO strategies to improve and outshine them.


5. Sprout Social

This is totally based on social media activities. You can easily find most shared content and use advanced tools for sharing your posts to get maximum reach and engagement. You can setup the most effective campaigns and use data to make better decisions. This is one of the must have tools to grow your following on social platforms and increase engagement like never before.


6. EpicTrack

It is owned by the same company as EpicBeat, and it is for those who are considering to upgrade Buzzsumo account to premium. EpicTrack is a premium version that is more powerful than Buzzsumo Pro in terms of better content aggregation and curation. You can find article topics which will give your more ROI and the analytics are more elaborate and in-depth, and it takes into consideration human sentiments.



On Quora, Buzzsumo’s co-founder referred to Feedly as a possible alternative. It is a simple tool to find fresh and the trending articles on a topic or niche. And you can either get inspired to write on them, or you can simply share them on your social media channels to get more engagement and add value for your followers. You can keep track of your competitors and save articles to read later. It also has mobile apps so that you can check out viral articles on the go.

These are the best Buzzsumo alternatives in 2018 that you need to try out if you are already using Buzzsumo and make your content research and outreach better than ever.


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