How to Create a Coupon Website in WordPress ?

Do you want to create a coupon website to make money online ?. If yes, this post is for you. Today I will tell you how you how to create coupon website with WordPress without technical knowledge.

There are two ways to create your coupon site in wordpress.

1. You can use a WordPress coupon theme to create a dedicated coupons site in WordPress.

2. You can use a WordPress coupon plugin that allows you to add a coupons section to your existing WordPress site.

If you want to create a dedicated coupons site and monetize it with affiliate links, then you need to use a WordPress coupon theme. Before going to create your coupon site, you need to buy a domain name. and install wordpress with some hosting plan.

Steps To Create Coupon Website With WordPress ?

1. Register a domain name
Before creating a coupon website you need to register a domian name. Domain name should reflect the purpose of your site. Once you select your favourite domain name, then it is time to register it. Domain name usually cost about $10 – $15 per year.


2. Buy a Hosting Plan
There are many web hosting companies offering their various hosting plans. Some of most popular are hostgator, bluehost, Dreamhost, godaddy and many more. If you are not having any hosting plan, then I will suggest you to go for either hostgator or bluehost. They are the favorite of most of the users.


3. Install a coupon theme
After installing your wordpress with any web hosting, you would need to install and activate a coupon theme . there are many coupon theme available in the market. But I recommend you to use Clipper theme which is the best and most popular WordPress coupon theme. First You need to buy Clipper coupon theme and download it to install in your wordpress.

Create a Coupon Website

4. Publish coupons or promo code on your coupon website.

Once you created your coupon website, you need to publish some coupon offers. They are so many companies out there offering their coupons. You can use them to create coupon offers on your site. You can always monetize those offers with yours affiliate links.


How to Add a Coupons Section to an Existing WordPress website ?

If you are already running a site and don’t want to change it’s theme. Then you can use wordpress coupon plugin to your existing site.
Coupon Creator Plugin is a best wordpress coupon plugin, that allow you to add a coupon section your website.

These are the two best way to create coupon website. Now let’s see how a coupon website is monetized.

How do coupon websites make money?

1.Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of biggest suorce to make money from coupon sites. there are various affiliate network offering their affiliate program. In order to make money from affiliate marketing you need to signup with some affiliate network and promote their offers on your website.

2. email marketing-
Email marketing is very important to promote you affiliate product. First you need to build email list. You can do it by putting email subscription form you your website. If you have a good collection of email list, you can send emails to your subscribers for promoting you affiliate products.

3. Google adsense-

You can monetize your website google adsense. it is a ad network offered by google. It pay you for every click on ads that visitors make on your website. you can also try other ad network like infolinks, chitika, revenue hits etc.


You just learned how to create coupon website with wordpress. Also I mentioned most effective ways to earn money from coupon websites. If you follow all above steps, you will be able to create your own coupon website. Hope this post helps you to make a coupon site. How you liked this post, let me know with your comment.


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