How To Create A Blog With WordPress?

How to Create A WordPress Blog ?

In this post you will learn about how to create a wordpress blog. It is very easy easy to create a wordpress blog. If you want to grow career in blogging field, you should know how to create a blog. Blogging has evolved to a tremendous level from past few years. It is the simplest medium to share, accord and evolves thoughts, ideas to numerous amount of people. Blogging possesses a variety of genres, each depicting its beauty in a vivid way. All you need to do is build a blog, write often and share.

Creating a blog is the foremost factor to a successful blogger career. I remember when I started writing and decided to make a blog, I saw it as the most difficult job to do, but after few days of learning, I became a pro. Since creating a blog includes most of the technical part, it has become very necessary to know each aspect and correct steps to make a blog. It’s as easy as cutting a piece of cake and practice will surely make you perfect.


Why to Choose Bluehost to create wordpress blog?

Bluehost offers 4 hosting plans and all these hostings come along various packages and amount suitable for the user. One of the major advantages of blue hosting includes, it makes it easy to manage and setup pages. Rookies don’t need to worry about the technicality because it is trouble free to manage. Adding to that, Bluehost is a cheapest hosting website. You will be provided with numerous amount of packages, dealing with different amount and timeline. The user gets a convenient way to choose and act accordingly. Bluehost is one of the most accessible and unproblematic websites to build and manage a blog, especially for WordPress.


How to Create a blog?

The blog is one of the simplest things to create when you have the perfect hosting website and Bluehost surely proves itself to be one of them. The steps to build a blog on WordPress with are mentioned below, follow them correctly and you will have a beautiful blog built up.


Step 1: To get started with everything, the first thing that you should understand is how to start with blue host. Enter sign up option once you reach the blue host website. Select a domain name, the name you would like to carry through, once that is done click on enter.

How To Create A Blog With WordPress

Step 2: Enter all your contact and account information. Make sure that every information you enter is completely correct. Take special care while entering personal and business detailed.

How to Create A WordPress Blog ?

Step 3: Surf for “package information” section. This section has various packages and vivid monthly rates, the best one I would suggest would be the 36 months package. You should importantly know that Bluehost gives you complete access for 36 full months. This website has a trusted money back guarantee, so don’t worry about your money.

How to Create a website

Step 4: Enter the information for your payment. Everything should be filled appropriately and click on accept option following by next.

Step 5: Congratulations! You have your Bluehost account all done and set up. You can change your password and modify everything as you wish from time to time.

Step 6: Login to your Bluehost account, click on the hosting icon and scroll down through the websites and click on install WordPress icon.


Step 7: Select the domain, fill up the link for your website. After this, select the site name, admin username, and password. Make sure you don’t select admin as the username rather than that use a username you would like with complex password. Once this is done click on install and your WordPress will be installed in a minute.

how to create a blog

Step 8: After this, select a domain and get it registered. Make sure that your domain name should be unique and shouldn’t be repeated.Another option that I would suggest is to select the domain from the payment package section, it surely adds up an extra layer of security and beauty to your blog.


Step 9: Now check your email, and a confirmation link with your personal details should appear. Make sure to save this email because it is important. It includes your website URL, WordPress admin login URL, and WordPress login username.

Step 10: From the link mentioned in the email, you will be directed to the site which will look something like this. Make sure that you don’t forget your URL, password, and username. It’s always best to save it at some secret place.

Step 11: Once you are done with the setup, login to your WordPress account, a dashboard will appear. Keep some spare time to understand the settings of WordPress and how your blog would work further. It may look complicated at the start but once you were well versed with everything it will be as easy as cutting a cake.,How to create website online

After you login, you will see your wordpress dashboard.

 how to create blog on wordpress

The setting up of blog part ends here, now all you need to do is make your blog really pretty. Colours and images attract most of the people. Attraction is the key for your successful blog, one should be well-versed with theme and designing process to make the blog as elegant as possible.

Each blog you would come across on any page has different themes in each, themes are the key factors to make your blog beautiful. The most important thing would that make sure you add all your social media links on your blog. Connecting through various platforms is an open door for success.

Follow the golden rule, “keep it simple and unique”. The blog you’re creating and designing should catch eyes not chase them away. Along with that, make sure that the loading time you possess on your blog isn’t too much. No one likes waiting while the small circles go round and round on their white web page on chrome, whatever you’re about to design you should always be known that the loading time won’t be too much to make the audience lose interest in your blog. There must be many elements on your blog, which surely is unnecessary, here you need to take care to add up only the items that are worth looking in for users.

Focus on quality, not on quantity and make room for those elements that do make a difference.


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Now you have just learned how to create a wordpress blog with bluehost web hosting. If you any problem in creating your blog, let me know with your comment below. I will help you with your each and every steps in your blogging journey.


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