How to Create a Website (Blog) ? Free And Professional

How To Make your blogger website -free of cost

Hello friends, have you ever thought how to make a website. if you want to make your website then i can help you here. it is very easy process and in few minute you can create your website. 

follow following steps.

(1) go to

2.) now it will ask you to login using your email ID.  (If you don’t have email ID please first create it)

3)enter your email ID and password and then click at sign in button

4)  now you are logged in your blogger

5) now click at” new blog” button
6)you will see a new page will be opened. it will look like this

Blogs List  ›  Create a new blog

You can also add a custom domain later.


Dynamic Views
Picture Window

7) now at this page you need to choose your  title and address.

description about blog is called  title. and name of your website is called address .

for example “internet tips and Website design”   is title of this blog and is blog address.
website(blog) address is also known as URL of website.

8)now select any of template given there

9) click at create blog button.

you followed above steps it means you successfully made your website. your website is ready now.

you see here there is in the end of your website name. i will tell you later how you can remove blogspot from your website name.

write a post on your blogger website

once you have created your blog, you can write and publish your articles, ideas or any thing else in your blog. now you need to create a post. In the tab ‘title’ write a title for your article. in second Tab write your article or post.

 after you write your article, you can click at ‘publish’ button to publish your article.. OR  if you want to save without publishing it then click at ‘save as draft’ button. you can publish your saved article  whenever you want.

i know you may be some question in your mind. i am here to help you in this process. tell me your doubts through comments below . if you think this information is useful for you then let me know by your comments and please like facebook page of  iMakeWebsite

 you still have to do some more thing to give a better look to your website, which i will tell you in my next articles.  so stay in touch with

NEXT ARTICLES will be about
1)how to create pages like home page, about me/us page etc.
2)how you can earn money from your website
and much more about website.


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