How To Find And Fix Broken Links To Improve Your SEO

Broken links on your site don’t give the best impression. So it is required to fix them.
There are many free online tools you can use to find and fix broken links. i will tell you some best among them.

There are 2 types of broken links on your website:
1) Internal Links
2) External Links

Broken Links Will Affect:
1.Your Revenue
2.Your Bounce Rate
3.Your Google Ranking 

Broken links

How To Find Broken Links On Your Site?

Here List Of Top  Broken Link Checker Websites which will help you to Get Rid of 404 Links Error. You can use these useful tools to check  and fix broken link. 

It is a perfect tool to find broken links on your website (booth Internal as well as External). it also tell you when broken link was noticed for first time on your website.

2. Free link Checker- 
helpful in checking broken internal and external links within your blog or website.

3. W3C Link Checker-
it has many options such as show only summary, hide redirects, checking linked documents , sending referrer header etc.

these all tool would help you to know broken links in your Blog/Website.

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