How to Earn Money Online from Home without Investment? 4 Best Ways-

How to Earn Money Online from Home without Investment? 4 best ways

No matter where you live, you can easily make money from internet without any investment. In Order to earn money online or with google,  you don’t need any qualification or any degree.

 You can do it from your home. you need following thing for this work.

1. Email account
2. pay pal account
3. bank account
4. your own website
5. account on google adsense.

how to earn money online from home without investment,

1) From Google adsense– 

if you want to earn money online from your website then you must know what is google adsense. every blogger want to have a account on google adsense because adsense is a best advertisement network which pay very good money to website owner. 

What is a google adsense ?

google adsense is cost per click advertisement platform. it means when visitors of your website click on adsense ads, google pay you some dollar in your paypal account. we can connect our paypal account to our bank account to receive our earning in our currency. 
if we are receiving good traffic on your website then you can apply for google adsence. you get ads codes from adsense and you need to put them to your website. when our website visitor click on those ads, then our earning is deposited in our account that we receive monthly.

How does google adsense work ?

Advertisers i.e. persons who want to show ads give money to google for their advertisement. and google put those ads on our website and for every valid click on those ads publisher( website owner) get money from google.

2) From Affiliate marketing– 

 here, i am going to tell you one of most powerful and fastest growing internet marketing techniques. you can make very good money, sitting at your home from affiliate marketing using your website. I am not saying you will be rich overnight. but yes, if you put some effort  to increase traffic on your website, you can make very good earning from affiliate marketing.
 In affiliate marketing, you make partnership with some companies or organisation and  you need to promote products of those companies on your website. and for every purchase made by a customer  through your website, you get 5% to  15%  commission. For example, if a product costs $100 and your partnership is for 10% commission then you will get $10 on each sale.
to be affiliate marketer first you should create your website and visit a website of any famous brand that sell products online e.g. amazon, clickbank, ebay etc. Read their guideline to become an affiliate and then sign up for becoming an affiliate. they will give you a unique affiliate code.  place that link on your website. whenever a visitor click on your affilate code, they will be redirected to to the seller website, if they buy a product or a service from that link , you get commission in  your paypal account. 
some seller give you commission only if their affiliate products are sold  and some other companies pay you based on numbers of visitors that go to their website through your affiliate link.

3) Selling your your products like e-book  on your website


you can market your e-book on your websites, blogs, social networking website. If you love to write about some thing then just create an e-book and sell it on your websites. if contents of your e-book attractive and useful to your readers then their reviews will help you to sell your e-book more and more .  
you can also market your ebooks on websites like amazon and ebay. With this you can earn money online without paying anything to anyone.

4) From Youtube  

youtube can also help you to generate very good income. This is a great platform to make money online in india or any other contry. You need to follow following steps to earn money from youtube. 
step 1–
 First Of all, create your youtube account and give a  name to your channel.
 After it, upload some original and useful video on your youtube channel.
 write eye catching descriptions about your videos. it means you should describe about what your videos. 
upload videos regularly. it will help you to attracts your audience.
 you need to monetize your videos to earn money. while videos uploading, click at “monetization ” tab to monetize your videos and then select “monetize with ads”  button
step 6–
 if a videos have been uploaded on your youtube channel, then to monetise it open your videos manager and then  select ” monetize with ads” button.
if you monetise your videos, it means you allow youtube to place ads on your videos. when a visitor of your youtube channel watches those ads, you get paid.
videos that you upload should not be copyrighted, its means videos should be original.
You have just learned some best ways to earn money online without paying anything. Hope this post will help
you to earn money online from home without investment  from google.
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