How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners

In this post I will tell you how you can start a successful blog and how to make money with blog for beginners. In order to get more traffic from google you can follow points given below. With this help you will be able to create top money making blogs. It’s a real fun to do blogging. In my coming posts I will guide you with how to draw traffic from google and social media because  it will be of no use if no one is visiting. obtaining your blog to the highest of the search engines for your main key phrases ought to be your goal to form this traffic happen. Keep in mind that it’ll take time, but it’s terribly doable. Follow the step-by-step guide to learn How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners. We tried this method to our blog to succeed in blogging.

how to make money with a blog for beginners

How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners – Start a Successful Blog

1.choose an Interesting Niche to write about.


2. Choose a Good domain name & Buy a web hosting service (Recommended- Bluehost or Hostgator)


3. Find a good looking theme for your website.
4. Start creating post you are passionate about.
5. Find powerful /interesting topics to write on.
6. Start a newsletter-  you can try
7. Add an email subscription box /popup for your newsletter.
8. share post on social media.


9. Add the best plugins to quickly build an even better website.
*Fast Secure Contact Form
*W3 Total Cache
*Easy Social Share Buttons
*Ninja Popups
10. Write Titles that attract readers.


11. Use images to make your post attractive.


12. Write like you are writing to a friend.
13. Proofread your post out loud.
14. Don’t clutter the website.

find out what is most important and what you want your visitors to focus on. never confuse your readers with too many options or a messy layout. Eliminate non-essential things.


Some most important things are:

*Email subscription box
*premium courses.
*Social sharing buttons.
15. Be real & Be you.- Share both your mistakes and your successes.


16. Create an income from your first e-product.


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