How To Register Domain Name From Godaddy

How to Purchase Domain

What is domain name?

toady i am going to tell you how you can register your domain name. to purchase a domain name you need to visit a domain selling website. there are so many domain selling website on internet. Godaddy is one among them. i will tell you how you can register your domain name from go daddy. but if you register your domain name from any other website, there will be approximately same process as
i am here describing for godaddy.
Before you buy your domain name you must read this article to know how you can select a good 

domain name. Never select any domain name randomly . click here to know criteria of good domain name.

 How to register a domain name on godaddy

follow following step for your easyness
Step 1 
go to

or, click here to go to website of GoDaddy

if you don’t have account on godadday, click at Create My Account.

 ( if you have already your account then on go goddy  sign in  using your user name and possword. )

Step 2
you have to fill a form to create your account on godaddy. for it you need to enter your  email address. select a appropriate user name and set a password and a pin of 4 digit. and proceed ahead. your account is ready now. must remember your user name and password to login your godaddy account in future.
Step 3
Now you have to search your domain name in domain search box of godaddy.
if your desired domain name is not available it means some one has already bought that domain name.
then you need to look for some other domain. generally price of domain name is about Rs 600 ( $10 to $15) but this time there is offer on godaddy and you can get a .com domain in just Rs 99
Step 4
 if your desired domain  is available then Recheck spelling of your domain name. and click at continue to cart button.
Step 5
Now a new will be opened. it will say you to select some more services for your domain name. for those services you need to pay some extra money. but you could leave them Because for beginners those services are not required. once you start getting good traffic on your blog then you can purchase those services later for your domain name.  
Step 6
 A new page will be opened and you need to select duration for which you want to to register your domain name .. you can register your domain name for 1 year or for 2 years or for 3 years
  1. After expiry of your duration you need to renewal yor domain name .. for example if you purchage your domain name for 1 year then after 1 year you need to renewal your domain name.
  3. finally click at  Proceed to Checkout  button.
Step 7
  1. select your method of payment . you can use net banking or debit card etc. for payment
  2. and finally click at continue button
Step 8
now here you must check your all details like how much money you have to pay , spelling of your domain name
and finally click at place your order 
Step 9
here fill your contact details. and then fill details of your payment method. at last click at make payment button
  1. Step 10
now you are redirected to a new website for your payment.
after completion of your payment, you have successfully registered your domain.

use your domain name

if you want to use that domain for your website, return back to godaddy account. click at domains menu made at the top of your pc screen. then click at manage my domains.  you will see here all the list of your domain purchased on godaddy.

in my next article i will tell you how to add your domain name to your blogger blog.  then you will be able to eliminate blogspot from your blog name.
if you have you have any doubt ask me through your comments. 

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