How To Select A Top Level Domain Name

Get a Best Domain Name  

You need to do several thing before you start using your website but don’t worry it’s not that difficult

To make a website , there are two basic requirement

1. Domain name- it  is a name of website like

    2. hosting- it  is a service which make your  website to appear on internet.

    at beginning you can start with sub domain ( like or etc). but it’s looks less professional. 
    and you can use to create your website (blog) as it offer you free hosting. i.e. you don’t need to pay to run your site on blogger.

    For business purpose you should use your  domain like

    there are so many places where you can register a domain name but GoDaddy, HostGator, bluehost are very popular and they are really affordable, having good customer service .

    How To Select Best Domain ?

    1. Consider your brand –  if your website is for business purpose, your domain name should match with  your brand. e.g.

    2. if you want to make a website for yourself, your domain name should be like
    3. Domain extension–  use .com, .net or .org  as these are easily memorable.
    4. keep it short-    Short domain names are  easier to remember.If your domain name is too long visitors may forget.
    5. your domain name should describe what your site is about.
    6.make it easy to remember 

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