How to Sell Your Website Online

where you can Sell your site?

 cost of your website depends on income that it generate. if  your site generate a income of $20 per day through ads then your site can sell for $600 to $1200.

  • it is highly popular market place to sell your websites. it has the largest number of buyers.  Flippa is designed specially for selling and buying websites. It is one of the leading marketplaces for websites

  • Buy or Sell Websites and Domain Names. Advertise Your Website to Thousands of Potential Buyers. Costs almost $59 to list your website for sale.

  • This site allows you to buy or sell your blog,as well as templates, services, domain, and so on

  • here you can sell your domain names and complete websites. it. Attract serious buyers of Websites and Domains.

  • A forum dedicated to everything about developing your own web sites and domain names. It also has an active sales area for selling domain names, sites, scripts and more.

  • Marketplace: it allows you to promote your services  and to sell your websites. there is no fee to list your website for sell, but to promote it on main page a few dollar.

  •  it is another popular market place where we can sell your websites.

  • it list your website for for free for up to 90 days, but if you want to extend listing period , you will be charged depending on your extension period.

you should visit their official website to know about their price to list your website for sell and for more information regarding their service.

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