How To Shift/ Redirect Blogger Blogspot to WordPress


When you start receiving good traffic on your blogger, it is recommended you to move from blogger to wordpress

blogger is a platform which help us to create a  blog in free of cost. you may think what is difference between blog and website. then i should tell you that blog is nothing but its a type of website. you can call it a small website.   if you want to establish a website for your business, you can start with blogger. when traffic on your website reaches more than 1000 per day then you may to convert your blog into a full website.  wordpress is most popular and best platform for it. wordpress website looks more professional and easy to use so you are recommended to shift your blogpost on wordpress. 

to transfer your blogger on wordpress, you need to follow following steps
1) buy a domain name.
2) hosting of your domain
3) create your wordpress account

How to shift blogger to wordpress

Step 1. Export Your Blogger Blog

login  to your blogger and go to setting and then click at ‘other’
 ‘ i.e. blogger dashboard>> setting>> other you will see like this at top 

Blog tools

Blog Tools Import blog – Export blog – Delete blog

 and now click at ‘export blog’. and then at ‘download blog’

when you click at download, a backup file of your blog will start downloading

 after downloading backup from need to import it on wordpress.  for it go to wordpress and login it. click at tool and then at import

i.e. wordpress dashboard >> tool >>import
 and then click on blogger according to image shown further.
now a popup window will open. their in right side click at “Install Now” .

what will be imported to wordpress from blogger

only Categories (label), Posts, comments &  images will be moved

what can’t be imported

Widgets, Template/theme ,  and photo of people who commented on your site will not be imported.
as you click on ‘install now’ at wordpress, importer plugin will be downloaded. after download of plugin click at “Activate Plugin & Run Importer

now wordpress will say you to upload XML file. for it now you simply have to select  XML file from your PC that you exported from blogger. and after selecting it click at “upload file and import”

now wordpress will start to import your post and article of your blogger. it will take a liitle time. when wordpress  completely import all content from your blogger, it will ask you tou about author of those posts.
if you want to continue with same name, keep as it is or if you want to change yopur name on wordpress then you can make a new account for it.

you have shifted to wordpress

now your your blog is shifted to wordpress.  but some time  images from some posts are missed .
 so you should  check images in all your posts.

what to do next ?

 click here  to know what to do after you have shifted your blogpost to wordpress.. don’t skip this step. this is most important step.

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