Image Optimization Techniques For SEO.

Image optimization for SEO…Today in this post you will learn How to Optimize Images for Search Engines. If you want to make an image SEO friendly, it is important to follow some techniques to optimize it. Image optimization always play crucial role in ranking your article better in search result.

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Image Optimization Tips for Search Engines –

1. Choose the Right File Name

Before uploading a new image to your article, you will have to check the name of the image before uploading it.

It is important rename the image with a name containing your keyword. It make easy for search engines to rank your images higher in SERPs.

Best format to rename image is to add dashes between two words. For exp. “how-to-optimse-image.jpg”

You should never ignore it because it play great role in image optimization.


2. Image Size and Compression

You should not upload big images to your article because it put a extra load on your server. And So It will increase the loading speed.


Image Size:

the size of the image you upload should not be greater that blog content width. You can use any size less than your blog content area, which you find best.


You can use website like PicResize and PicMonkey to resize your images before uploading them to your article.


Reduce Image Size – Image Compression

When you use very large size image, It will be adding a lot of pressure on your server to load them.
If image size is more than 100KB, you need to compress for better image optimization.

*I recommend you to use tools like TinyPNG, JPEGMini, or PunyPNG. These tools helps you to reduce the size of images.


3. ALT Text

The main purpose of the ALT text is to provide a description to the image file. If the images are not appearing for whatever reason, the ALT text will appear in its place describing the content of the image.

And also ALT Text tell the search engines about the image. Search engines could not read the image directly. It take the help of ALT Text to understand the presence of the image.

What to write in ALT texts?

It is always recommended to use your keywords in ALT texts. It optimize your blog post and also increase your chances of showing up higher in image searches.

4. Remove Hyperlink from the Image

It is important to remove Hyperlink from the Image. Because Visitors may accidentally click on the image and so they will be redirected to some other page.  It might lose their interest in your blog post.

So uploading the image,  go in “Attachment Display Settings”. you will see an option that says Link To. Click on the drop-down menu and select None to remove the hyperlink.

5. Image Format – JPEG, PNG or GIF?

JPEG format is always best for your blog post. Because they are comparatively smaller in size which means the images will load faster. Which is most important for search ranking.

6. Use Captions in the Image

There is no direct relation between image captions and the search engine rankings. But It is sometime very important for better user experience. Captions tell your readers what you are trying to mean by using those images.

WP Plugins for Better Image Optimization

There are a lot of WordPress SEO plugins to help you better images optimization on your blog.

1. SEO Friendly Images

If there are so many images on your blog and you haven’t added the title tag or the ALT text in those images. Then This plugin will help you to automatically add the title tag or the ALT text to your image based on the settings that you choose.
But I suggest you to add ALT texts and Title tags to the images manually right after you upload them.


2. WP Smush.It or EWWW Image Optimizer

Both of these plugins do same almost same work. So you can use any of them for image optimization. These plugins optimize the images by reducing their size without compromising the quality of the image. There are no complicated settings, just run the optimizer and all the images will be optimized.


Hope you liked these image optimization techniques. If there is any question, feel free to write it in comment box.


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