List Of Top 8 Best Blogging Apps For Bloggers .

Best Blogging Apps For Android

Blogging is the best way to express yourself on the internet. A blogger helps others by sharing his knowledge and experience through his blog. There are thousand of professional bloggers who make tons of money through their blog.we can say blogging is a quite profitable online job. you need to simply write what you know on your blog and share it with other people. 
These days a lot of android apps are flooding the internet. some are very useful and some other are just crap. 
here I am going to share with you some very useful best android mobile apps which helps you to manage your blog from the mobile phone. 
List Of Top 8 Best Blogging Apps
Here, List of top 8 best blogging apps that every blogger should have installed on their mobile phone.
1. WordPress
WordPress is a most popular blogging platform and is widely loved by top bloggers.Wordpress android app helps you to write a new post. you can edit, publish, manage readers comments and much more.
This app makes your task easy when you are away from your computer because you can do all the thing from your mobile phone.
2. Blogger
 Blogger is a very popular platform for blogging and very similar to WordPress. You can use blogger app to reply to visitors comments, edit post, compose a new post, view traffic report, share post etc.
you can publish articles, images, video directly from your phone using this app.
You can download Blogger app for free from google play store.
3. Google Analytics
Using this app you can check the performance of your blog. you get to know about every detail of traffic like location from which visitors comes to your site, traffic source, for what time they stay on your blog. It also helpful in observing Adsense.
4. Writer 
Writer is a Word Processor tool. It is very useful in writing posts. you can write posts directly from your mobile phone without any distraction. after completing your post it can be saved in the phone. and use it whenever it is required.  
5. PayPal
Paypal is a very secure way of transferring money online. using PayPal you can receive or pay money to other countries.
to make it easy you should download and install it on your phone.
it would be quite helpful in doing a transaction.
6. Adsense –
 Adsense app helps you to check your google Adsense earning. this app provides you real-time data with all details like impression, page view, estimated earning, total clicks, CPC and much more.
7. Google Drive
Google Drive is a free tool to store your data and file online. this is service provided by google and highly secure. it provides you space of 15 GB where you can store your images, video and files. To use it you need Gmail account.  Google drive app is available for free download on google play store. Since it stores images, videos, and File So it is helpful for mobile blogging.
8. Photo Editor
Photo editor is a best android app to edit images for your blog posts. if you are not in access to your computer, you can do all your photo editing task from your android phone. Using Photo Editor you can easily create images and upload them to your blog.
you can download photo editors from the link given below.
hope you liked these Best Blogging Apps For Android. Please leave your comment below and tell me which of above-mentioned app you like most.

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