Most Profitable Niches to Make Money on Youtube .

List of Youtube Niches : Most Profitable

Here are List of some best & profitable youtube Niches you can choose for creating your YouTube channel and start making money on youtube.

best profitable niches for youtube channel –

some list of Youtube Niches that are very famous and profitable are given below.

1. Technology- 
Technology video covers every type of video related to electronic gadgets. if you are interestet about such thing, you may go for it.

2. Game Tutorials- 
If you like to play game on computer or mobile, Creating Game Tutorials may be a big fun for you. and you would also get tons of views on youtube and so huge money. But it all depends on quality of your creation.

3. How To Tutorials-
How to guides are also very good niche to create your youtube channel. It covers variety of topic about your daily life, Life hacks & much more.

4. Funny Videos- It is all time a great 7 profitable niche for creating youtube video.

5. Science and Knowledge-  You can share science questions and knowledge about daily use that everyone wants to know.

6. Motivational/Inspiration Videos- Another profitable niche, you can go for it to create your youtube channel.

7. Top List- Nowadays, its like a big trend to List Top 10 or top 5 items. As it attract more people. 

8. Movie Reviews- If you are movie lover , you may try to review best or worst movies on youtube. 

Tips To increase views on youtube video-

If you are wondering about how to get more view & success on youtube , here is two most important things you must follow.

1. YouTube SEO- SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Youtube SEO simply means to optimize your Video content to get it on first page of Search Engines. Use suitable main keywords to each and every video.

2.Make an Intro Video-
Intro video is the very short video about of 5-10 sec that play before your main video starts. it brand your channel and saves your video from getting stolen or copied. It also attract your viewers.

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