SEMrush Review: Increase Search Rankings & Crush Your Competition.

SEMrush Review: How to Increase Search Rankings & Crush Your Competition

In this post, i will provide you with an honest SEMrush Review. And also you will learn how to make your content go viral in the search result. You will learn to find and use the most unexplored ways to create backlinks. And the most important thing that is keywords. You always want to increase the search ranking by using great keywords in your niche.

We all create great content hoping to rank better in the search result but great content is not enough. You need to use some advance technique to get more search traffic to make more sales.

Most of the bloggers struggle to increase their organic traffic even if they create a lot of content.

Probably they do not understand SEO very well. If they do, they are not able to use proper keywords. More than keywords, you need to keep many things in your mind to optimise your blog properly for better search engines ranking.

most of the blogger does not worry about spying on their competitor’s keywords and backlinks. If you are one of them, let me help you. I will tell you about a tool that helps you not only increase your search traffic, but also sales.

I will talk about  SEMrush Review- A very powerful SEO tool that you can use to increase search rankings and to crush your competition.


What SEMrush?

SEMRush is an SEO tool used which is used to optimize your website or blog for getting huge traffic from search engine. Many SEO experts use it to crush their competitors. SEMrush is a wonderful tool that helps you to get excellent Keywords and know about your competitor’s backlinks by analysing their website.


SEOQuake developed SEMrush SEO tool. SEMrush currently has more than 700,000 active users with 29 bases showing results of more than 120 million keywords! It has also stored more than 73 millions domain’s information in their databases.


If you are looking for a tool to create quickly backlinks and increase your search traffic, SEMRush is the best tool you can use. If offer you 7 days trial So you can try it without any risk.

You may watch this video to understand how SEMrush can help you in your business.

SEMrush Review: What are the features offered by SEMrush?

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers many incredible features that most other tools do not offer. some powerful features are listed below that help you dominate your niche in the search rankings.

-Easy keyword research

-See web site traffic

-Backlinks analysis

-Inspection site to find and correct problems on site

-Updates to databases regularly provide accurate and up-to-date data

-PLA (Product Listing Ads) describes the information of your competitor’s ads

-Analysis of advertisements (more powerful ads)

-Domain comparison

-Tracking Keyword Position

And much more …

SEMrush Review

In this in-depth SEMrush review you will see how it can help you to outrank your competitors, No matter what niche you are in. Let us get into the details.


I’m not exaggerating this fact that you can beat your competitors by using SEMrush. It will do a miracle for your website. You will soon understand why I am saying it.

Before we talk more about what SEMRush offers, you should know one thing. SEMrush uses many global databases that are frequently updated. You can find the current keywords and backlinks opportunities every time when their databases are updated.

They currently have 28 databases. you can always select the appropriate database to find profitable keywords.

Therefore, before you select the keywords or do an analysis of a domain, you must select a particular database that you want to target.

Now let’s talk go into more depth for SEMrush Review. Here are some great feature offered by SEMRush.

1. Finding profitable keywords.

The number of visitors you receive is directly proportional to the keywords you find and use. Keywords are the most important way to increase search traffic to a website or blog.

Unfortunately, most people still use Google keyword planners or other free tools to find and research keywords.


The bad news about their use is that everyone uses the same free tools. Although, if you find less competitive keywords, it is difficult to classify because most other bloggers are also having the same keywords.

You need to find a better way to research for the keyword. You need a simple way to find keywords.

This is SEMrush that assist you in this difficult situation. It helps you to find the most profitable keywords, no matter what niche you are in. Whether you find keywords related to fitness, education, the real estate or something, you will give the best ideas a list of keywords. You will also get all relevant keywords for a keyword idea with the help of SEMRush.

You can see when you enter a keyword (after the appropriate database selection). SEMrush provides a list of all the matching long tail keywords and also many other related keywords. It also shows the volume of the keyword so that you can choose the keywords with care.


By clicking the “View Full Report” button, You get the keyword ideas that match the search terms you enter.

# 2 SEMrush made easy Analysis of competition backlink


Ask an SEO expert about their greatest secret, most of them say: “competitive analysis”.


Let’s first understand why you need to analyse your competitor’s backlinks.


Search engines give great importance to sites with more quality backlinks. If you quickly want to increase your blog search traffic, you need more backlinks. It is so easy.


Backlink analysis helps you to analyse the quality of the links, where they come from, etc. so you can easily create the perfect strategy to build quality backlink for your blog.

If you enter a keyword or a domain name, it provides you with information of all the backlinks it has including the do-follow links.


It will also show you from where the links are pointing to the domain or keyword you enter. This is very useful when you want to spy over your competitor’s backlinks.


3. Find and fix your website issues with Site Audit feature

Many bloggers create great content but still, they can feel struggle to increase your search traffic.

If your blog has some SEO related issue, This tool will help you to find and correct them. You may have broken links or title tags that are lengthy. No matter what it is, SEMrush quickly helps you to find them and correct your website problems.


Semrush free trial

 # Top Features That make  SEMrush an  Incredible SEO Tool

(i) Keyword Position Tracking

Many of blogger keep trying to rank for more keywords without knowing the rankings of their existing keywords. If you are also busy doing the same thing, it will be a complete waste of your time and energy.


It is very important to find out which keywords are ranking high in search results and which keywords are not working. So that you will easily understand where to spend most of your time to get more traffic from search engines.


SEMrush gives you instant access for checking your keyword rankings.  You can track all of your keywords positions every single day. It helps you to figure out where to focus and where not. This becomes most important if you trying to increase your affiliate sales for certain keywords.




(ii) Domain comparison

SEMrush is a great tool that helps to compare your domain name with your competitors to find out how you are performing.

It will provide you with a list of all keywords and volume (monthly), CPC, trend, etc.  So you can easily figure out where you are standing for your keywords and also you can compare with your competitors.


(iii) Estimating accurate traffic of other’s website

SEMrush helps you to know correct traffic information of any other website. Although there are many other tools like Alexa, SimilarWeb etc. But often they don’t provide you with correct results. SEMrush gives accurate results almost every time. You can easily find out how many traffic your competitors are getting from search engines.



What about the price?

1.Pro Plan

Price: $69.95 monthly

Pro features

-Results per report: 10,000

-Reports per day: 3,000

-Projects: 5

-Keywords to track: 500

-Pages to crawl: 100,000


2.Guru Plan

Price: $149.95 monthly

Guru features

-Results per report: 30,000

-Reports per day: 5,000

-Projects: 50

-Keywords to track: 1500

-Pages to crawl: 300,000


3.Business Plan

Price: $549.95 monthly

Business features

-Results per report: 50,000

-Reports per day: 10,000

-Projects: Unlimited

-Keywords to track: 6000

-Pages to crawl: 12,00,000

Semrush 30 days free trial


As per your requirement, you can decide which is the right plan for you. If you are a beginner, go with the Pro Plan that starts at $69.95 on monthly basis. It not only a great option that is enough for blogs or small will help you to crush your competitors by providing all the useful features.


They provide you with  7 days  free trial period. This SEMrush free trial is the great gift for you. You should try their 7 days free trial before deciding whether this tool is right for you or not.

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If you want to excel in your blogs or online businesses, It is important to use right keywords and understand your competition. SEMrush is a great SEO tool that helps you with Finding Profitable Keywords, easy Analysis of competition backlink, Finding and fixing your website issues with Site Audit feature, tracking Keyword Position, domain comparison, Estimating accurate traffic etc of your competitor’s websites. This will help you to crush your competition and stand at good ranking in search result.

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